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We are entitled to disclose personal data should we consider such a move necessary to be in compliance with applicable legal prescriptions, regulations, changes in the law, or government requirements.
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Moreover, we will deploy IP addresses in order to identify trends, to administer our Web site, to monitor behavioural patterns among our users and to process demographic data which will be used in its aggregate form. Without your explicit consent we will never use your IP addresses in conjunction with your personal data.
3. Third Parties
In certain circumstances we may commission third-party companies or individuals to accomplish tasks on our behalf that have a direct bearing on the purposes designated within the present Data Privacy Protection Statement. Such third parties include market research companies, Internet providers and other service-support enterprises (e.g. mailing coordination companies). Such third-party companies may be granted access to personal data if, and only if, such access is essential for the fulfilment of their said duties. Usage of personal data for any extraneous purposes is prohibited. Such companies may have their registered headquarters within or outside the jurisdiction of the European Economic Area (EEA). Although some states which are not parties to the EEA do not always have comparable levels of data privacy protection as member states, in consideration of the privacy of your personal data we demand and require that such third parties observe and fully comply with the same standards as we adhere to ourselves,
4. Links
This Web site may contain links to third-parties or other websites. Please bear in mind that we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for the use of personal data by extraneous websites. We would advise you to also read the Data Privacy Policy Statements of any extraneous websites which you access via our Web site or by other channels.
5. Security
We have implemented numerous measures designed to ensure the safety of your personal data both online and offline. Your personal data will be stored on computers which do not necessarily lie within the EEA. Should you have any questions relating to security issues on our Web site, please get in touch with us at office@badmusic.pl
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From time to time the present Data Privacy Protection Statement may be subject to certain modifications. Should such changes occur, we will post the modified version of the Statement here in the Web. Since changes may occur at any time without your receiving due notification thereof via other channels, we would urge you to read this Data Privacy Protection Statement at regular intervals. Please note that our rights pertaining to the use of your personal data are always defined and expressed only by the current valid version of the Data Privacy Protection Statement.
7. Refreshing your Personal Data
You have the opportunity to monitor and change the personal data you have made available to us. If you are a Registered User, you can change your data at any time by logging into your account through our website and clicking on "Profile" in the menu, or by sending us an email to :office@badmusic.pl.If you are not a Registered User but have still made personal data available to us, you may effect changes by sending us an email to : office@badmusic.pl. You can also request us at any time to delete your personal data from our files by sending us an email to :office@badmusic.pl.
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Your personal data are administered by Badmusic.pl
We have made every endeavour to make your visit to www.batushkastore.com as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your privacy is fully respected. Should you have any questions or comments or concerns about the way your personal data is dealt with, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us via email at: office@badmusic.pl.

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4. Privacy policy
Please refer to our Data Privacy Protection Statement which regulates privacy issues for the visit to this Web site.

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5. Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact. The present General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Poland.


When an item is listed on the website as Out Of Stock what it means?

What is the difference between Out Of Stock and Sold Out?

When an item is Out Of Stock it means that it is currently unavailable but it can be resupplied in a future. In this case use Add to Wishlist to be informed if the item will be on sale again.

Sold Out means that sale of an exact version of the release is finished but it is possible that the same title will be reissue in the same format and again available. Reissued edition may be a little different than initial one: e.g. appears in different color of a box or cassette shell, with slightly different cassette labels or in set with additional items like sticker or patch.

Sold Out items may be no longer in sale.
Add to Wishlist. If one of the items we have offered is not in stock please use the form below to know whether or not it will be restocked.

In order for your information request to be handled with maximum efficiency, please include if possible the following details:

Artist's name
Album's name
Format / details
Or maybe a weblink directing to the item you are looking for

Are all the items on the site available?

Our website reflects our current stock and what we can order for our customers within a reasonable time

However, items ordered are deducted from the stock only upon validation of the order. Thus, an item available in limited quantity can be ordered by several people before the site is updated. In these cases, any order that we can not handle will be refunded (if you paid by bank transfer, the refund will come as a credit note).

What means abbreviations in the title or in the item description like LTD, O-Card etc.

See the key (legend) below:
12” - 12 inch vinyl
10” - 10 inch vinyl
7” - 7 inch vinyl
DELUXE - Deluxe Edition
G. PICK - One or Guitar Picks set added to the release
LTD - Limited Edition
MC - Music Cassette (Compact Cassette)
DIGI PACK – CD as a DIGI PACK release
NUMB. - Numbered
O-CARD - Cassette Slipcase
V/A - Various Artist


How to pay by credit card?

via Pay Pal or On line fast payments

Payment by PayPal

Payment can be made through PayPal after you have opened an account there. Please check PayPal for further information.
Any refund for unavailability of items will be processed via PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer
Your order is recorded when you click on the button Bank Transfer. You will receive an email confirmation containing the banking details required to complete the transfer. These banking details will also be displayed on the website immediately after confirmation of your order.
To ensure that your order is quickly processed, please enter your order's identification number in the wording of the transfer during the payment process. It is sometimes very difficult to trace unlabeled orders, which is why these will not be treated as a priority.
We will ship the order after our bank has notified us of the bank transfer. If we have not received it within 7 days after the registration of your order, an e-mail reminder will be automatically sent. If we do not receive confirmation within 2 weeks of the registration of the order, it will be canceled.

Our bank details are listed below:
IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
BIC (Swift Code)
Payment by check, cash, and money order

We do not accept checks, payment by International Money Order or Cash Mandate. We do not accept cash sent by post.


Free shipping conditions

Shipping to Poland is free, provided that the price of the order is at least 50 € and that its weight does not exceed 5kg.

Shipping costs

Shipping Costs depending of the weight of the order, please check this in shop system during the order process.
Please keep in mind that the period of delivery is 7-30 working days. We're sending the shipments at the day of payment confirmation. However the delivery time may differ depending on the country of destination.


I've just made an order but didn't receive the link to confirm the order, what to do?

Probably you are already registered user in our store and in this case confirmation is made automatically by the system so you don't need to confirm your order by clicking the link anymore. Registered users can track their purchases in the user's panel.

How to activate my account after registration?

After the registration you will receive notification email with activation code, login and password. In this email you will receive the link which, after clicking, will direct you to activation page in web browser. Please write your login and activation code there. After you confirm this, your account will be activated and you will be able to log in to user's panel.

Where can I read the terms of the store?

Terms are listed at foot of the site. Click here to read it.

Status of the order

You can monitor in real time the status of your orders by visiting this link lien. Find below the explanation of the different status:

Pending Payment (bank transfer):The Payment expected status designates an order which has been placed via the Shop and which payment has not been completed yet. Those are orders paid by bank transfer. You will be notified by email when we receive your payment and the status of the order will change.
Payment accepted by Sips:The Validating payment designates an order paid via Paypal, which may have been done on the selected website but have not been received yet by our company. When the payment is received, you will be notified by email and the status of the order will change.
Payment accepted by Sips:The Validating payment designates an order paid via Paypal, which may have been done on the selected website but have not been received yet by our company. When the payment is received, you will be notified by email and the status of the order will change.
Processing:This status means that your order has been properly saved and your payment has been registered. All required conditions have been completed and your order can now be processed.
Pre-order:The Pre-order status means your order includes at least 1 item on pre-order. Your order will not be shipped before this/these item(s) is/are available. You will be notified by email when your order is available.
Cancelled:The Cancelled / Refunded status means your order has been cancelled and refunded (when necessary). We will inform you of this refund by email.
Complete:The Shipped status means your order has been sent.

An item is missing from my order

A delivery note listing the items you will receive is sent to you by email when your order is shipped.

If one or several items you ordered is out of stock, you will be notified by email. You are then reimbursed of the missing element(s) of your purchase (monetary refund if your payment was made through PayPal, or as internal credit usable on a future order for other payment methods).

Please use this form to inform us of any other concern regarding the delivery of your order.

The item does not match my wishes

Returns are possible but are subject to conditions.
We accept returns of damaged goods only. Return fees supported by the customer and the shipping cost of the replacement product will be at our expense.

If the item you received does not match your order, please fill in the form below to contact our services. Upon reception of your return parcel, we will send you the item you wished for at our expense. You will also be compensated for the shipping costs of the return.
Ks.Jana Twardowskiego 78A
15-001 Białystok

If you made a mistake during your order, we accept the return of your parcel but do not support any extra shipping costs. Please fill in the form below to contact our services. We will send you the item you asked for upon reception of the mistakenly chosen item. Possible payment adaptations are possible (refund or additional payment).

It's been over a 30 days and i still don't have my order delivered.

Please keep in mind that the period of delivery is 7-30 working days. We're sending the shipments at the day of payment confirmation. However the delivery time may differ depending on the country of destination.

I cannot download the content of my digital download card

If you have purchased a item that includes a digital download card and have not redeemed the MP3s yet, please contact office@badmusic.pl. Let us know which release you purchased, as well as your Shop order number. We will then provide a new download code and tell you where to redeem the MP3s.


How to search for products in Batushka shop?

Please use 'search' window on the top of the page. There is search engine at Batushka homepage and there are also search options in specific sections. You can also sort the products by band, title, company and price. Search option will also find the series of letters in a given name (when you don't know the exact spelling). For example when you put 'Par' in the search window, the system will find all names with that series of letters/signs (in this case Paradise Lost, Paradox) giving a hint for the full name.

Suggestion and technical issues

In case of problems or if you encounter any errors while browsing our site please, use this contact form to inform us and mention the actions you have performed, the browser used (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. ) and its version (to know the version of your browser, see the Help menu and sub-section "About ..." from your browser).

Please tell us the time and date of appearance of the error. If it concerns one of your orders please mention the number of the order.


For any other question, please fill in this contact form. You can also send us your requests by postal mail or phone:
Simuny 11
16-061 Juchnowiec Koscielny
e-mail: office@badmusic.pl
tel. +48 797266673 (Mon -Fri, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)


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